About Taste of Italy

"Taste of Italy" (Qiao Lab Group) is an innovative logistic & multi-channel distribution platform specialized on Food & Beverage Made in Italy for international markets (Ho.Re.Ca, supermarkets).

Through the combination of new digital communication technologies, applied to traditional and international trading business, F&B Buyer and Seller companies can now directly manage their trading activities with a Click!

"Taste of Italy" is a procurement to manage all procedures, from selection, negotiation and closing on several international markets.

The primary target of the "Taste of Italy", is sell Italian top products directly from producers to the shelfs, without intermediation of other traders, while supporting all the activities desk and the trading operations.

Based in Shanghai and with own hub in Italy, involves more than 500 Companies with a combined turnover of more than 5,5 Billion Euro (46,75 Billion RMB) and top Brands for any F&B industry sector.

"Taste of Italy" is exclusive strategic-partner of state-owned Shanghai Haibo Group, a subsidiary of Bright Food, 2nd Chinese Agrifood company.

Is active on several markets through various local desk for the management of operational procedures and the selection and qualification of different buyers and distribution chains.

For International Food & Beverage see also: http://yiduqiao.com

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