How Works Taste of Italy

The International buyers who intend to use "Taste of Italy" must first register at the following link, followed by a qualification by the Food & Beverage Excellence Center.

After the qualifying step, the International Buyer will be enabled to the "Taste of Italy" Procurement platform and can start to place orders on the Italian Certificated Food & Beverage Catalog "Taste of Italy". (video about Taste of Italy)

About NEW ORDER from an International Buyer

  1. "Taste of Italy" eProcurement receives a new order from an International Buyer and  the Italian Producer automatically receive the notification about this new order.
  2. Italian Producer accepts the order and prepare the products / goods and gives information about processing time
  3. "Taste of Italy" eProcurement with the International Buyers defines the details about Shipping / Delivery and updates the final total order amount.


  1. International Buyer when has received the final total amount with Shipping cost (and taxation), send payment to "Taste of Italy" eProcurement (Phone order, fax order, L/C or other payment method will be defined).
  2. In real time, "Taste of Italy" eProcurement platform informs the Italian Producer about payment received from the International Buyer
  3. Italian producer can send products directly to the International Buyer
  4. International Buyer received the product to the destination port, clear through customs the goods and carefully check the quality.
  5. After quality control, International Buyer gives "Green Light" (OK) to "Taste of Italy" eProcurement
  6. "Taste of Italy" pay the Italian Producer.


All Italian Producer costs in "Taste of Italy" catalog are FOB (Italian Port or Producer Factory). All the transportation and taxation costs will be paid from International Buyer with the support of the "Taste of Italy" Desk

The international buyers will not pay any other hidden costs than the costs above.

Additional information