Taste of Italy iStore active in 166 cities in China

Taste of Italy - Yiduqiao (Qiao Lab Group) extends its distribution channel and sales opening its iStore in Yiducity activating own BE-Locations (Business Places) in 166 major Chinese cities.

"Now with 1-Click our iStore can be reached directly from Yiducity Mobile APP by any Chinese user ", declares Yuan Wei Hong, Yiduqiao Managing Partner , " and put in direct connection with our Brands, events, promotions, offers and products around to him/her".

Yiducity (http://yiducity.com) is the distribution platform O2O (Online-Offline) of the chinese e-commerce company's Yiduqiao (Qiao Lab Group).

"With the new iStore activation in Yiducity, now we can manage more effective and incisive direct actions to B2B distribution and retail users (B2C),as well as create Club of users and group buying, professional and retail for International Brands".

Yiducity iStore allows International Brands and companies that already distributed in China, as well as those which intend to do, to have an effective channel in support of their presence and development on the market.

"In 1-click and a single page, we can show to the Chinese consumer, selected Brand experiences 'around him/her' ", continues Yuan Wei Hong, "building the shopping experience where he/she is in that moment, or alternatively, as a special feature of Yiducity, moving the buying opportunity where are they located.".

"From mobile or pc, chinese consumer can buy a Brand by e-commerce or in cross-border with shipping directly from abroad or to know where to buy it around him (shops and supermarkets) or in which restaurants, hotels or taste corners near to him can try it, as well as to interact with the coupons, buying groups, activities and events related to that Brand / Product".

And about the entrance fee for a Brand in Yiducity iStore? "Very low", said Yuan Wei Hong,"in fact it's only necessary to activate the Brand - Business account on Yiducity(100€)"....... (more on Yiducity VIP CLUB iStore)

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